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myFACE training brochure

Educational Governance Policy

myFACE training has an educational governance policy to manage and control the quality of facial aesthetic training.


These policies should treat learners in accordance to the principles of equality and fairness. They should ensure appropriate assessment, manage learners’ progression, and share outcomes of training programmes. It is in the patients’ interests that there is effective, robust, transparent and fair management of myFACE training.


myFACE training must demonstrate leadership of medical education and training through effective educational governance. Working together, they should integrate educational, clinical and medical governance to keep patients and learners safe and create an appropriate learning environment and organisational culture.


A myFACE training director must be accountable for educational governance, and those in educational leadership roles must have demonstrable educational credibility and capability. 


myFACE have processes to monitor the quality of training, support, facilities and learning through course evaluation and peer review. A robust complaints procedure is available for raising concerns about education and training. myFACE must investigate and respond when such concerns are raised, and this must involve feedback to the individuals who raised the concerns.

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